Microsoft 365 license overview


Microsoft 365 E3, Office 365 E3, Business Basic or F3? Which license package includes which features and how do the add-ons differ?

Microsoft’s license bundles are numerous and can quickly become confusing. Very few customers are likely to know all the features that their license package includes.

And even as a consultant, the question “Can I use feature x in plan y?” is not always answered ad hoc.

Dan Chemistruck of Infused Innovations has created a wonderful overview of the current Microsoft 365 plans and shares that information in this blog post or also as a (non-downloadable) Excel file. The Excel file includes even more information on add-on pricing.

Of course, not all sub-features of each product are shown in this overview either. What you can do in everyday use with an Azure Active Directory Premium P2 license, you can consult or know who to ask. is a more in-depth view and also inlcludes direct links to the Microsoft documentation. Be sure to check it out.