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Azure Availability Sets vNet dependency

To guarantee high availability of a service on Azure, Availability Sets are a very popular way. But what are the requirements of this configuration for the underlying virtual network? In most design documents you will find an image that looks similar to the following. Two virtual machines in an Availability Set on the same subnet of a virtual network. But what if I want to install the two virtual machines in different subnets or even different virtual networks?

Proxy, Proxy on the Wall...

…who annoys the most in the land. Proxy servers are still a popular tool in many enterprise environments to channel outbound web traffic, scan and prevent threats. Unfortunately, very few companies use transparent proxy solutions and force you to configure the proxy server in the respective application. Since the configuration of the proxy is different for each application, I collect some examples here. Windows You can do a lot of things right with a system-wide proxy.

"Reverse engineering" the Azure REST API

The Azure REST API is well documented and thanks to the REST API browser you can quickly try something out. However, there are moments in the Azure portal that lead to puzzled faces and in these cases the “Developer tools” of your favorite browser help to shed light into the dark. The scenario A user with “Read Only” rights on the subscription should be able to see if and where a virtual machine is backed up.

Clear computer Kerberos ticket and certificate cache

Anyone who uses groups to assign permissions knows the problem. After the assignment to a new group, this right is not immediately effective. The tip is then usually to re-login. However, if a server is authorized e.g. to a certificate via a group membership, this means a restart of the server. However, the correct solution is much simpler: deleting the Kerberos ticket and removing the cache entries from the certificate store.

Older blog entries are only available in German

Info Sorry, but all older blod entries are only available in german. I try to translate those which might be still relevant one at a time, but if you are interesent in all blog entries, change the language to german and use Deepl or Google translate in the meantime.